Days 25-29, sunburn and blisters

Remember how I said I grew up in the middle of nowhere? Did I also mention that the middle of nowhere is in Northern Minnesota?  It’s cold, it snows a lot, and we’re lucky to have 3 months of somewhat-summery weather. When it is nice enough to be outside, the mosquitoes will eat you within a matter of minutes, and if you’re a true Minnesotan, you will be sunburned within three minutes of standing in a shady area… add these two together and you have a sad bug bitten, red and sunburned, splotchy mess. Welcome to summer!

The manfriend and I thought that it would be adorable and symbolic to plant a tree in our yard; watch it grow as we grow old together in our new home. (barfy, I know) So, we went out to a very fancy greenhouse on Sunday and bought three trees, two lilac bushes, three raspberry bushes and a bunch of perennials and annuals. Easy breezy, we thought. It can’t be that hard to plant this stuff! WRONG. Planting trees and bushes is EXHAUSTING, it takes forever, it rips your hands apart, it requires being in the hot sun for hours and hours.

This means that Monday, I was sick. I was home sick and was not doing squats, or anything for that matter (well, laying around on the couch in the AC is something, I suppose) 

So because I was super lazy on Day 27, I then had 124 squats to make up for on Day 28. That’s a lot of squats. Mind you, Day 28  felt like a Monday for me, a slow dragging, miserable Monday, that still had the hangover of being sick the prior day. I will absolutely admit that I did not make up all 124 squats, I fell short by 66, but  completed 182, which is quite an accomplishment.

Day 29 is an increase day, we’re moving on up in the world from 124 to 132. And on top of that 132 is the additional 66 I still have to make up for from Day 28 this is going to be a long day. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that the rest of the week is going to be like this, continually playing catch up… tomorrow I will only be in the office for 3 hours (who has time to complete 132 squats in 3 hours while still attempting to do work?)  and Friday I’m out for most of the morning at another meeting. I see myself now, 4:58 on Friday afternoon with 50 squats to go. This could be bad news.

But enough with the doom and gloom, it’s somehow supposed to be 90 and sunny here this weekend, and of course that means I have a ton more yard work planned, as well as painting a few bedrooms. Or maybe I’ll just go buy an inflatable pool and do a lot of lounging.