Day 24, Houston, we have lost some inches

It’s been a bit discouraging to not see my scale move much, other than the initial 8.6 pounds that I lost, I haven’t seen much movement. Mind you, I can’t be too disappointed, it’s not like I’m heavily hitting the gym, or even altering my diet all that much. But, a little activity is more than what I had previously been doing.

Now, I shouldn’t be too upset… I pulled out my handy dandy measuring tape and I’ve lost FIVE AND A HALF INCHES! These inches have come from some random places, mind you, but they’re gone!
I’ve lost two inches from my bust (WHAT?)
One inch from my chest (again, WHAT?)
One half inch from my right thigh
One inch from my left thigh
One inch from my right knee (yeah, I know, weird place to measure)

Now, if math is correct… this means I logically should lose another 18 inches before my target date. We all know that math is never correct and I shouldn’t rely on logic, but it’s a fun thought.

It’s Friday, which I am incredibly excited about. My little sister is graduating today, and it’s her birthday, so we have lots of fun family time scheduled.
It’s also supposed to be almost 90 outside, which makes me really just want to sit on a patio and have a beer.

Have a wonderful weekend, my nonexistent readers.