Weekends are for relaxing

I suppose we should start with Friday, huh? Friday was great! It’s the end of the work week, there’s two full days of enjoyment with no responsibilities just waiting for you.

On the squat front, I was able to complete all 100 of those buggers. Again, I’m pretty sure I was squatting at 5:01 pm to ensure that they were completed before I left work. But, I did it!

I then, promptly went home, sat on my patio in the sunshine for a few hours, drank my fair share of beers, and ate pizza. Is that what they call balance?

The weekend was lovely, there were no squats or crunches to contend with (we’ll chat more about those crunches in a moment), the most exercise I got was in the form of power shopping. That’s definitely cardio, if you know me, and know how I shop.

Now, these crunches. Let’s talk about these crunches. I just don’t think they’re going to happen. Other than the 100 I did on my first day, I haven’t had any interest in laying on the floor and contorting my body. So, for now, I think we should put these crunches on hold. Sounds good? Sounds good.

Update from the week is impressive, though. Overall, I lost SEVEN pounds! Who knew that squats were so effective. My new thought, though, is that perhaps rather than only counting pounds, that I also count inches. This requires a trip to the store, more cardio!



Day 2: How do people make time for this stuff?

Oh look! I haven’t given up yet. I’m surprised. If you knew me, you’d be surprised. I have lofty goals, am great at planning for those goals, but am not so great with the execution. Perhaps this will be the start of some great personal changes. Or you’ll never hear from me again, who knows.

So, Day 2. How’d things go, you ask? Well, they went. Sort of. I was ready to tackle those squats at work, I took down twenty of those bad boys right away at the beginning of the day. After that… well, things were not so bright and shiny. I did get them done, all 100 of them. I mean, I may have been squatting at 5:01 pm in order to finish up before I left the office, but I DID IT.

Thankfully, I’m in a really small office (there’s only four of us), so I at least don’t look like a crazy person while I’m squatting away. Actually, I probably do look like a crazy person, but there’s only three other people who can readily judge me. I was chatting with one of the co-workers about my challenge, seeing if I could garner interest in an office-wide squat-a-thon each day, but I got some giggles and pretty stern NO’s.

So, time to go home, time to start working on those crunches. I have a TON of crunches to do, since I slacked off the day before and only did 100. YES! Or… no. My partner is out of town quite a bit for work (yes, partner, because I’m too dang old to call him my boyfriend, and manfriend makes things sound not as serious as they are), and I wasn’t expecting him to be home until later in the evening. Of course he ended up being home when I got there. And I’m a sap. I needed hugs and snuggles and kisses and time catching up. Long story short? I didn’t do any crunches. None. Zip. Nada.

Well, maybe Day 3 will be more of a success. Though, since it’s Friday, I’m thinking that there will be some beer, some pizza, and a lot of relaxing on the patio. So, let’s chat on Monday, I’ll tell you all about my weekend, and the massive amount of crunches I (probably didn’t actually do) did.

Day 1 – how do I do a squat?

This whole crazy plan was formulated the other night when I couldn’t sleep. What would bore me enough to help me pass out? Exercise, of course! Somehow, my plan has now been put into action, and we are officially on Day 1.

I’ve made a fancy chart that illustrates my squat quota per hour (9 squats at 9:00am through 16 squats at 4:00pm), assuming I know how to use a calculator- this will bring me to 100 squats per day.

I’ve also figured that 1000 crunches spread out over 7 days should equal somewhere around 143(ish) per day.

Brilliance! I’ll do squats during the day at work, and crunches when I get home, so it won’t ever feel like I’m spending a lot of time ‘working out’. Sounds great in theory, eh?

Day 1 my first squats started around 7:00pm – after browsing many videos online showing me how to do an actual squat. Doing 100 in a row is rather boring, so I decided to tuck my feet under the sofa and work on some of those crunches – break up the monotony, right? I will say that I successfully completed my 100 squats for the day, but fell a bit short on my crunch goal – only 100, rather than the 143(ish). I suppose that means tomorrow I’ll  have to kick it up a notch.

I’ve done my first weigh in, just to see where the baseline starts, but I think to keep you all in suspense (and to ensure I don’t drive myself mad by hopping on the scale after every rep), I won’t post any results perhaps for a week.

Now, onto nightmares of squats. I also fear, my legs will be tired in the morning.

Why in the world have I started a blog?

I’ve wanted to write a blog for a long time- this was not the blog I’ve wanted to write, but it’s the one I’ve started.

Why write a blog you don’t want to write? Selfish reasons, of course! But, you’ll hear more about that along the way.

The purpose of this rambling, you ask? Well, for the two or three people who may happen to stumble upon this mess, hopefully you’ll get a bit of a laugh from my self deprecating ways… but for me, it’s a handy dandy way to keep track of my progress.

Progress? Progress of what? Great question, thanks for asking. I’m trying to get less fat. I know I’ll never be a 5’10”, curvaceous, blonde bombshell with legs for miles (I mean, I’m only 5’9″, so there’s that). But I’m hoping to emilinate some of the extra pooch.

So, rules and guidelines? How am I going to achieve this pooch reduction? Easy! Or so I think.

  1. Squats. In the beginning here, I’m aiming for 100 squats per day. This number may increase, it may not.
  2. Sit-ups (well, crunches for now). Attempting 1000 crunches per week. Again, this may change, who knows!
  3. Doing a bit more walking/hiking. We live less than 5 minutes from a state park with gorgeous hiking opportunities- I need to take advantage of this more often than I have.
  4. Eating just a little bit better. I don’t eat poorly now. Yes, I consume my fair share of beer and pizza on the weekend, but I like it – so there.

Oh right- there is a timeline, and a goal amount.

Target date: July 26 

Target loss: 39 pounds 

Alright then. Let’s go!