Days 7-10, because life takes over sometimes

I don’t think I ever promised that I’d write every day, did I? Well, if I did, my apologies… sometimes life just gets in the way.

Day 7 also known as Tuesday. Tuesday was a good day, Tuesday was a breakthrough day, Tuesday was the day that my co-workers got on board with my crazy plan. In fact, one of them now has a fancy little post-it note on her computer monitor that says Move It! and reminds her to get up and do a little something, and she’s even on board with a few squats now and again. She’s not  up to 100 per day, but having someone else in my court is definitely a motivator!

So yes, I was able to complete my 100 squats, and well before the end of the work day. It was glorious.

Day 8 was another breakthrough day! My co-worker who has now jumped on the bandwagon decided to bring in a weighted hula hoop, a jump rope (which I am too tall to use in the office… sad face), and two five-pound dumbbells (so we can work on our lady-guns). We’ve also created a rule that requires completing walking lunges every time you go to the bathroom, which is awful for me, because I drink about 300oz of liquid each day – but, I guess that means I’ll just have some amazing legs.

I’ve also decided to increase my squats, rather than starting at 9 squats at 9:00am, I’ve pushed it to 10 squats at 9:00am, which means I’m now doing 108 squats per day. I think this increase will probably happen once a week, assuming that my legs don’t give out on me by then.

With the encouragement of my coworkers, my 108 squats were completed easily. I even managed to work in a few bicep curls. :

Day 9 sorry, there’s not room for three breakthrough days in one week. Thursday was awful. I had an absolutely terrible day at the office; mean clients, mean co-workers, crummy weather, just bad overall. There wasn’t the happy mood that has been circulating around lately, there was just doom and gloom. And maybe that’s just my perception, since I was the one having the bad day. But for me, bad day means no energy, no motivation, no desire to do anything other than the bare minimum.

And I didn’t even do the bare minimum. The bare minimum would have been 108 squats… I completed a measly 55.

Day 10 FRIDAY! You know how much I love Friday. Especially this Friday; we’re heading out of town for a weekend adventure with lots of tasty foods and drinks and shopping. It’s also a bit of a celebration for the manfriend, things have been going amazingly for him at work lately, and it’s his birthday early next week. Why not go celebrate! So, this super happy mood that I’m currently in has reflected on my squatting.

I decided that since yesterday was such a terrible day, that I needed to make up for it. I was 53 squats short of hitting my goal for the day, which means I need to do an extra 53 today to be even for the week. As of right now (2:15pm), I’m at 107 for the day, which is almost my full day quota anyway. In the next two and three quarter hours, I’m sure I can manage an extra 54.

I’ve also made three trips to the bathroom… walking lunges, here we go! And have done a few sets of bicep curls. It’s going to be a great Friday, y’all.



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